Who Are We


Are you a small business owner on the lookout for ways to utilize the right tech to build your business? Do you need a business partner to guide you through the basics of rightly positioning your business in this technology-driven economy? If yes, you have found the right partner. Welcome to DeVise Creations.

Who We Are

We are business development and web solutions company set up to assist business owners. We specialize in promoting business through Local SEO Services, Email Marketing, Social Media, and other effective means. Most times we combine some of these strategies to create the most business centered, and customer-focused results.

Your service starts from where your customers find you on online. We develop your online presence with your customer in mind.

Our Promise

We promise to be a brand that helps breaks down the complexity in business start-ups to a more specific step. We run a consultancy check on businesses to remove what is not working. We promise to help you Align your marketing to your business DNA as you understand your customer wants and needs. With us, you will experience a remarkable improvement in your business as we will also suggest new ways to improve profitability. We guarantee that your business will reach a wider audience with our Local SEO Services.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of individualized services aimed at positioning business owners for a stay on top of their business. Our plethora of services include Local SEO Services (Google My Business & Bing listing), PPC, WordPress (Design and SEO), Email marketing, Social Media and Strategic web presence planning.

Who We Serve

We are into the business of assisting small business owners to pick the right technologies that fit into their business needs. We are also here to help business owner navigate keep up with the expanding digital age to keep them in business. We indirectly serve your customers as we form a strategic partnership with your business.

DeVise Creations